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We doubled our attendance and our membership from the 1st meeting, and our goal is to grow to 500 members.   When we reach 500, we’ll go for 1000, and we’ll never be without the next goal.  All of us have come together because we are dissatisfied with many of the things going on in our government.  I think I can safely say that the majority of us are patriots (using the definition “ one who loves, supports, and defends one’s country”) who believe in our constitutional form of government and that the laws set forth by our Forefathers should be either honored or changed BY LAW, not by a group of people who wish to subvert legal process and appear to be doing just that.  We intend to stop it.We also are aware of the extraordinary debt and continued spending by government, and we intend to stop that as well.

The 9.12 Project was originated by Glenn Beck who is a political commentator on Fox News at 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.  You can go to the website for more information, but the 9 principles and 12 values on which the group is based are attached, and many who ascribe to most, not necessarily all, of these, are joining together nationwide to remove corrupt legislators and elect those who will honor the Constitution and the fundamental laws the Founders set down in it. 

We have also adopted the Tea Party name.  As you undoubtedly know, the Tea Party movement is similar in concept and in purpose to the 9.12 Project, and it is gaining attention and power as a grass roots movement to restore our system of government and stop the voracious spending of both Democrats and Republicans.  Tea Party groups have sprung up all over the country, virtually spontaneously, and are beginning to coalesce into a national organization with a national convention coming up  soon.   

We ask each member to bring a new member to the next meeting and to contact their like-minded friends and encourage them to participate.  There will be active members - those who regularly attend and have direct input - and there will be members who attend occasionally but respond when there is cause for action.  That action could be attending a political or government meeting; writing, calling, or emailing politicians; campaigning for candidates who espouse our views; or participating in rallies to draw attention to a particular cause.  We will uphold the NON-PARTISAN Tea Party tradition of doing these things in a respectful, orderly, and lawful manner.

 We will occasionally circulate emails of interest to members, and you may forward one to me (until we get the email address established for the group) that you feel is of interest.  If you elect not to receive emails, send an email to me, and I will remove your name from the email distribution list.  If you decide that the group does not represent your views and you would like to be removed from the email list entirely, you may let me know that as well, again via email.

Please let your feelings be known regarding what you want from the group and what actions we should take.  We will be forming committees to develop action items based on the list distributed at the last meeting, so if you have a passion about something in particular, be sure to make it known. 

 Spread the word in your place of business, your church, and among your friends.  With enough members, “WE THE PEOPLE” can make a difference.