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Regular meeting February 19, 2015

Stay tuned, meeting may need to be rescheduled due to weather impacts on the planned speaker.

Mr. Omer Causey will speak about the project to convene a Convention of the States

This is one of the methods to amend the US Constitution, think balanced budget

amendment and other abuses of power going on in these times.

6:30 PM Teaparty meeting

Prayer group meets at 6:00 PM

Bethel  Baptist Fellowship Hall

Directions to the church gym-see events tab above


As you can see we did very well in Cleveland County. Not so well on the judges statewide. Our heartfelt thanks to all that worked early voting and the polls on election day.

                                                                                      Cleveland Co.    Statewide   

U. S. Senator:                         Thom Tillis (R)                                    W                    W                   

Congressman, 10th District:    Patrick McHenry (R)                        W                     W

NC Senator:                             Warren Daniel (R)                             W                     W

NC Rep:                                       Tim Moore (R)                                 W                     W

NC Rep:                                       Kelly Hastings (R)                            W                     W

Cleveland County Sheriff:        Alan Norman (D)                             W                     W

District Attorney:                      Mike Miller (R)                                 W                     W

Commissioners (Choose 2):    Jason Falls (R)                                   W                     W

                                                             Eddie Holbrook (D)                  W                     W

NC Sup Ct. Chief Justice:         Mark Martin                                     W                     W

NC Sup Ct. Assoc. Justice:       Eric Levinson                                     W                     L

            (Hudson Seat)

NC Sup Ct. Assoc. Justice:       Bob Hunter                                         W                     L

            (Martin Seat)

NC Sup Ct. Assoc. Justice:       Mike Robinson                                   W                     L

            (Beasley Seat)

NC Court of Appeals               Bill Southern                                        W                     L

(Hunter Seat)                         

NC Court of Appeals               Donna Stroud                                     W                     W

(Stroud Seat)                         

NC Court of Appeals               Paul Holcomb                                       L                      L

(Davis Seat)                           

NC Court of Appeals               John M. Tyson                                   W                     W

(Martin Seat)                            

Clev. Co. Clerk of Court:          Mitzi Johnson                                  W                     W

Clev. Co. Coroner:                   Robert Morgan, Jr. (R)                    W                     W

District Court Judge (27B):      Ali Paksoy                                          W                     W

Cleve Soil & Water Consv. Dist. Supv.  Roger Eaker                       W                     W 


See the Action Items Tab Above for status on the project teams

Do you know how much the National Debt is?
How much is yours, and your children's share? Click on the clock link.
National Debt Clock
See this link to:
NC State Debt Clock

Must see video-over 6 million hits

Results of the interest survey of members
These are the topics that had the most interest ranked in order from greatest interest to least interest

We will update these with the interests of new people attending future meetings.

Deficit/Government Spending -

Universal Healthcare -

2010 Elections-

Defense/Homeland Security

Gun Rights -

Cap and Trade -

Revamping of IRS/Taxes